Steven Jenkins is a good Christian man .  He is trustworthy, honest, kind, and attentive to each client addressing that need only.  The plans made are for the best future of each client regardless of the money invested.  At the end of my planning session I felt blessed to have met Steve and consider him my friend as well as my planner.  

Melba Hackett


I have had the privelege of serving in the Mechanicsville Ruritans with Steve Jenkins for 20 years. During this time, Steve and I have established a mutual respect for each other. Several years ago, Steve asked to meet with me to discuss business issues. As a business owner, I had already established business relationships, but because of Steve's down-to-earth personality and the respect I have for Steve I agreed to meet. Steve was not only interested in my business planning, but he was very interested in my personal planning as well. This is an attribute that is hard to find and one that persuaded me to do business with Steve. Unlike some others that I have worked with, Steve is not a product pusher and he makes sure that he understands the whole situation before he makes suggestions for a solution. Steve always makes me feel very comfortable in working with him and I feel that the business and personal planning suggestions he makes are ones that I can accept with trust and confidence.


Steve Jenkins is a valued professional to me, my family and my business. I believe that if you offer him an opportunity to understand who you are and your objective, his expertise will lead you in the right direction.


N. Dennis Sulser

Hurricane Fence CO.



The small businesses I own face the same concerns that are common to all small business owners: adequate margins and cash flow, attracting and retaining skilled workers, and being prepared for those inevitable unpleasant surprises. Decades ago, when times were flush, Steve Jenkins gave me the wise counsel to plan for a future that might be lean. Those times have arrived. The New York Life and other insurance products he sold me years ago are providing great assistance to me today in supporting my businesses and meeting my family's needs. Candidly, back then I had to swallow hard to commit to making insurance premiums that I thought were pretty big. But I trusted Steve's integrity and sensed he was watching out for my best interest. I never felt he would simply collect a commission check and walk away. Time has proven that my feelings were correct. I thank God for this man who truly cares for me, my business interests, and my family.


R.Tom Vaughan

President, Mechanicsville Rental Center



When we first met, I had just started my business. Steve understood our needs and was patient with me. We started with employee benefits and progressed to personal estate planning for my family. We have developed a relationship of trust over the years. I don't hesitate to recommend Steve to others.

Ronald W. Hopkins,

President, Trio Fasteners

Steve was literally a God sent. A few days before Steve came into our life, my wife and I were having a conversation concerning our long term financial plans and our Life insurance needs. From the moment Steve and I met we hit it off. There were no gimmicks or set programs that Steve had in his back pocket ready to offer. We sat down and just talked. We learned about each other and through those talks Steve listened to what I was looking for. Steve took his time in putting together a Life insurance plan that was right for our short term and long term goals and needs. Thanks Steve for a job well done. In fact, I was so impressed by Steve - I offered his services to the rest of my office staff.                                            

Tim Smith

President, Smith & Keene Electric Service, Inc.


Planning for the future is never easy, especially as we balance the need to prepare for retirement alongside the financial needs of our child's college education, current living expenses, saving for a dream vacation or unexpected circumstances (like death or disability). Steve listened intently to us, helped us identify gaps in our current portfolio and then assembled a comprehensive action plan with various options, all designed to meet our unique current and future needs. In the end, though, it is about trust. Steve is a trustworthy financial professional and he has proven many times over that his passion is to help US achieve OUR financial goals so that we experience no surprises, regardless of the season of life we are in. We feel blessed to be his friends and clients.

Page & Cindy Pigg


The experiences described here may not be representative of the experiences of all my clients nor are they indicative of the future experiences which may be obtained by any of my clients.